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GOAL: $10,000

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The Home of New Beginnings

together we will create a special world.

Everyday we strive to fight domestic violence to ensure the safety of those around us. The Home of New Beginnings is focused on assisting women and children in Prince Georges County, Maryland develop life skills to lead better lives. Our goal is for each women to transition from our facility being Microsoft Certified, career ready, physically and mentally stable, knowledge of financial literacy, with advanced life skills (cooking, cleaning, managing a home), and more...

    Operation New Beginnings

    Renovation Project

    Help us make our facility a better place for women and children by donating to our renovation fund.

    Goal: $10,000
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    Our Donation Causes

    Operation New Beginnings

    Renovation Project

    Help us renovate our facility so that our women and children can sleep comfortably, learn effectively, and feel like they're right at home. Funding will go towards: beds and bedding, flooring, painting, computers, furniture, lighting, appliances, etc.

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    Sustainability & Longevity

    The Legacy Project

    While renovating the facility we must consider the upkeep. As a nonprofit we provide services to women and children free of charge. As they utilize the home for water, electricity, and other necessities we will need funding to take care of those items.

    Collect: $10,000Donate
    Developmental Programs

    Develop Me Project

    One of our goals is to provide women and children with developmental programs and counseling that will develop them to excel in todays society. This project will help us fund certification programs, counseling services, workshops, and more. Support this cause, today!

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    We Need You!

    Do you have a heart for helping women and children who have experienced domestic violence? Do you have a love and caring heart? If so, The Home of New Beginnings may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. We are always seeking volunteers to help us raise funds, plan events, facilitate workshops, etc.

    Volunteers Needed...
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