Help A Family In Need

Sponsor A Family

Sponsoring a family will assist with clothing, shelter, food, toiletries, gas, etc. Sponsoring a family is only $100/monthly

Help A Child In Need

Sponsor a Child

Children are gifts! Sponsoring a child will provide them with food, toys, toiletries, clothing, etc. Sponsoring a child is only $50/monthly

Help A Women In Need

Sponsor A Women

Each woman has several needs such as living expenses, toiletries, clothing, etc. Sponsoring a woman is only $50/per month and will help her tremendously.

Renovation Project


Help us renovate our facility so that our women and children can sleep comfortably, learn effectively, and feel like they’re right at home. Funding will go towards: beds and bedding, flooring, painting, computers, furniture, lighting, appliances, etc.

Collect: $2,000 Donate
The Legacy Project


While renovating the facility we must consider the upkeep. As a nonprofit we provide services to women and children free of charge. As they utilize the home for water, electricity, and other necessities we will need funding to take care of those items.

Collect: $2,000 Donate
Develop Me Project


One of our goals is to provide women and children with developmental programs and counseling to develop them to excel in todays society. This project will help us fund certification programs, counseling services, workshops, and more.

Collect: $1,500 Donate